A Conference of leading international institutions, imparting education in fashion related subjects, was held in New Delhi in 1998, to deliberate on the idea of establishing an International Apex Body comprising leading International Fashion Education Institutions, to meaningfully help each other in upgrading their programmes, assist in bringing about sharp professionalism in the structure and operation of the industry in their countries, and above all, contribute towards the establishment of a framework of co-operation and collaboration vitally needed in the wake of liberalization and integration of global trade in Textiles and Clothings under the auspices of WTO.

The invitees to the conference unanimously supported the concept of establishing IFFTI.

The International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute (IFFTI) was registered as a Society on 14th October, 1999 at New Delhi, India. Since then IFFTI has grown into the most comprehensive and prestigious international organization representing leading fashion higher education institutions in areas of design, technology and business. The foundation presently comprises 45 members from 22 countries.

IFFTI Member Institutions participate in International Annual Conferences and collaborate with each other in bilateral agreements and many professional development activities. IFFTI has set the standard for fashion education throughout the world. IFFTI Members foster close relationship with the fashion related industries.